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CRM Names New Director at Skye Farm

CRM Names New Director at Skye Farm

Upper New York Camp & Retreat Ministries is excited to announce Ryan Siver has accepted the position of Director at the Skye Farm Camp & Retreat Center in Warrensburg. Siver began working for the Conference on March 14.

“Ryan has a vast knowledge of Camp & Retreat Ministries, having grown up in the Iowa UMCRM and having worked seasonally at Aldersgate 10 years ago,” said Mike Huber, Director of UNY Camp & Retreat Ministries. “His experience and skill set, combined with his love of outdoor ministry, will be a welcome addition to the team.”

Siver has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies with an emphasis in youth ministry from Liberty University in Virginia. He has been involved with youth camping for 15 years in a variety of positions, including 10 years in administrative roles. Siver was involved with Aldersgate for three years; he and his wife, Amanda, met at Aldersgate and spent their first summer married there. They have three kids, Grace – age 8, Noah – age 5, and Tobias, who is 5 months old.

Amanda and the children will remain in their current location so the two children in school may finish their school year without interruption. Ryan will work rotationally at Skye Farm, the UNY Conference Office in Syracuse, and from home so that he is not completely away from the family as they transition.

Posted on March 15th by Mike Huber