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“Big Feet” Programs a Hit at Skye Farm

“Big Feet” Programs a Hit at Skye Farm

Many of Skye Farm’s programs are similar to those at the other five Upper New York Conference sites. However, Skye Farm also offers a series of programs for younger children who are accompanied by an adult. Named “Big Feet-Tiny Feet”,” Big Feet-Little Feet, and “Golden Feet-Little Feet”, they are designed for children as young as 3 years old, accompanied by an adult who most often is a parent, or children in the earliest grades accompanied by a grandparent. Less than a week in duration, usually 3 or 4 days, they are housed in a more home-like building rather than our cabins where there is no electricity.

These programs are designed to introduce children and adults to a variety of camping experiences while still providing a secure and more usual setting. Skye Farm has been fortunate to have the same couple, Pat & Mike Thomas, serve as Deans of each of these programs, so there is continuity and progression of experiences depending upon the ages of the children. These “Feet” programs are excellent introductory experiences which make very good use of the facilities at Skye Farm.

Posted on October 5th by Mike Huber