Registration for summer 2024 is OPEN!!

Skye Farm Camp Open for Rentals

Camp for a Day

On July 18th we’re having a “Camp for a Day” event!  Come hike, boat, fish, relax, and play at camp.  In order to maintain a safe number of families on site, we ask that you register for the free event using this online form  More opportunities to come to camp for special day events will be coming.

Coming to Camp

You can still come to camp this summer! Cabins and lodges will be available for families and small groups to rent. Likewise, our site will be available for hiking, fishing, boating, and special day events. As always, safety is our top priority at camp.  As such, cleanliness, safe physical distancing, and face covering guidelines will be followed for all of our rentals and day events.

Cabins and Lodges

Cabin rentals are available beginning July 10th, starting at $30 a night. Cabin rentals include private access to a bathroom or wash house, a fire pit to cook over, and access to hiking trails, sports fields, and boating and fishing.  There are also opportunities if you are interested in camping at Skye Farm with your own equipment.

Lodges, including Ogden, Shippey, Bass, Northwest, and our new lodge on the hill will be available throughout the summer and fall based on renovation and construction schedules.

To book a cabin or lodge, or have questions, call or email our office at (518) 494-7170 or 

Check out our Facebook page for more up to date happenings.

Thank you

Thank you for staying connected with Skye Farm.  The Skye Fam is amazing, and we’re very excited to be able to see some of you on site this year.  Look out for future announcements about events, facilities, and more.  We hope you all are staying safe, and whenever you’re ready to come, camp will be here.